Yuima Nakazato Partners with Epson for a More Sustainable Future

January 26, 2023

Yuima Nakazato
Source: Yuima Nakazato’s Instagram

Japanese fashion designer Yuima Nakazato and his eponymous brand have collaborated with Epson to showcase environmentally friendly and visually captivating designs. The collections became part of the Spring-Summer 2023 Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Nakazato’s latest designs incorporate Epson’s digital textile printing technology as well as a new sustainable textile production process. This is a huge step that could potentially revolutionize the fashion industry.

Yuima Nakazato & Epson

Yuima Nakazato began his career in the early 2000s and is known for his avant-garde and futuristic designs. He often uses advanced materials and technology, and incorporates elements of science fiction and fantasy into his designs.

Epson was founded in 1942 in Japan, and has since become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of printing and imaging products. The company is also focusing on sustainability and is constantly working on new solutions to reduce its environmental impact.

For instance, Epson’s dry fibre technology can create printable non-woven fabric from used garments. This is a significant milestone showcases that by switching to digital textile printing and environmentally friendly pigment inks, fashion can transform into a more sustainable industry.

The technology

Nakazato successfully incorporated this technology into his latest collection. The fabric he used was derived from waste garments sourced from Africa. Globally, about 30% of used clothing is resold. The rest is sold to textile merchants who ship them to Sub-Saharan Africa to sell in countries like Kenya, Ghana and Senegal. Therefore, the revolutionary technology developed by Epson can drastically change that.

“I was in Kenya in October, we are preparing a documentary on the future of the environment and the fashion industry,” Nakazato told the press backstage.

The aesthetics

Both female and male models presented the unisex collection – a move quite untypical for the couture shows. Not surprisingly, it is a fusion between Japanese and African art – voluminous, asymmetric and colorful. Yet, black and white played a key role in the designs.

Check out the collection here.

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