Recycled Hosiery and Tables from Tights

January 27, 2023

Alicia Grid Socks, Photo: Swedish Stockings

Four days ago, recycled hosiery brand Swedish Stockings revealed its Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

The designs exude a bold yet feminine energy. They are a unique blend of botanical motifs, enlarged floral lace, geometric shapes, and bold graphic patterns. In terms of materials, the brand relies on recycled nylon and certified natural materials, making it an easy choice for anyone looking to having a more sustainable lifestyle.

recycled hosiery
Photo: Swedish Stockings; Lea Wave Tights (€35)

But here is what we know about Swedish Stockings and its mission.

The problem & the solution

Each year, 8 billion pairs of tights are produced, used once, and then thrown away. Landfills globally are are overflowing with low-quality, non-recyclable and non-biodegradable textiles. With time, this problem is getting worse and worse…

Additionally, Nylon, the yarn traditionally used to make pantyhose, is produced through a petroleum-based process that generates significant carbon emissions. Plus, let’s be honest, modern pantyhose are not designed to last. If you are a woman, you know what it means to proudly wear a hole in your tights the whole day…

This led Linn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg to launch Swedish Stockings with the goal of making pantyhose more conscious and durable! Actually, the brand is a pioneer on the market – the first to offer only sustainable hosiery, made from recycled materials.

“Pantyhose are women’s biggest consumable garment and also incredibly harmful to the environment. We started Swedish Stockings because we believed we could make a change. Sustainability and quality goes hand in hand. If we can create a product that women can wear for a longer time, then we can also buy less.”

— Linn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg, Founders of Swedish Stockings.

Why is Swedish Stockings #konshas?

The brand successfully fuses sustainability, quality and great design with innovative materials and technologies, thus being a leading the way to a better future.

It prioritizes the use of environmentally friendly materials and production processes, while also using a high percentage of recycled nylon. This reduces the amount of new resources needed and decreases carbon emissions.

Additionally, the brand aims to have a completely closed-loop production process, where waste materials are collected and recycled back into new products. Apart from this, it also focuses on the longevity of the products with the goal of further minimising its burden on the landfills.

Swedish Stockings has a transparent and ethical supply chain, ensuring fair labor conditions. Its factories rely solely on energy from renewable resources like wind and solar. Additionally, the the production facilities aim to avoid overproduction and any leftover materials are used for samples.

The brand also encourages customers to recycle their used hosiery products, instead of throwing them away. It was in 2016, when it gave a start to its Swedish Stockings Recycling Club. Joining is easy. Collect three or more pairs of synthetic pantyhose, send them to the brand’s mail-in facility, and you will get a 10% discount code.

But sustainability does not mean perfection. It means constant progress and Swedish Stockings knows that. When it comes to the future, the brand aims to continue innovating the hosiery market and to become fully traceable and certified.

Talking about innovations…

In 2021, Swedish Stockings created the first ever tights made from castor beans. Castor bean oil is a 100% renewable resource. Also, it does not require large amounts of water and does not take land away from food production.

Apart from that, in collaboration with in collaboration with furniture designer Gustaf Westman, Swedish Stockings released a limited collection of tables made from our customers’ old tights. Depending on their size, the tables contain between 80 and 350 pairs of tights that have been diverted from landfills.

recycled hosiery table
Photo: Swedish Stockings’ Official Website, Stella Innovation Table (€2,100)

One thing is sure, the founders of Swedish Stockings, Linn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg, will not stop here…

Sources: Swedish Stockings’ Official Website

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