3 Sustainable Destinations in Greece to Visit This Summer

July 15, 2022

sustainable destinations in greece

Summer is essentially in full swing. For most of us, this means more time outdoors, summer vacation and new places to explore. Today, I bring you to Greece! Why? I want to tell you about three of the many eco-conscious places this nature-rich country has to offer.

Ready? Pack your backpack and let’s go!

On a side note, choosing Greece is not coincidence as next week I am visiting the country and I literally cannot wait!

Ok, without further ado…

#1 Astypalea: The Smart and Sustainable Island

Astypalea is the first smart and sustainable Mediterranean island. In collaboration with the Volkswagen Group, the Hellenic Republic aims to transform this Greek paradise into a model location for e-mobility, smart mobility and RES. The whole project includes four pillars: 1) Vehicle electrification, 2) Smart mobility (e.g. public transportation on demand), 3) Hybrid energy implementation, and 4) Autonomous driving as a future option.

The project was initiated in June 2020 and the first construction works began in January 2021. The first electric vehicle reached the island in March 2022.

As compared to other islands in the south Aegean, Astypalea is fairly untouched. Breathtaking views, crystal clear waters and authentic experiences – this is Astypalea. The “Smart and Sustainable Island” project aims to preserve the area’s nature, while stimulating the local economy and encourage conscious entrepreneurship.

sustainable beach
Source: Alex Voulgaris via Unsplash

#2 Tilos: The Green Island

Also in the south Aegean is Tilos – Greece’s greenest island, which is actually a nature reserve. In 2020, Tilos became the 3rd Winner of the RESponsible Island Prize due to its remarkable progress in transitioning to clean energy. By embracing wind and solar, battery energy storage and advanced energy management and metering, Tilos has managed to achieve high shares of renewables. Additionally, the island is committed to e-mobility and sustainable water management.

#3 Sikinos: The Island of Walking

Sikinos is another Aegean island which takes sustainability seriously. The most typical things for the island are fine wines, traditional Greek music, and rich cultural experiences and lots of walking. Yes, you read that right. Actually, few vehicles can enter the island. This minimizes carbon emissions and contributes to the area’s relaxed nature.

Alos, Sikinos became the first island in Greece to ban plastic straws. The local municipality aims to replace them with reusable or biodegradable ones.

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