Clothes Swapping: Upgrade Your Wardrobe For Free

June 16, 2022


Ever wondered how to update your wardrobe without spending anything? Here is the answer – clothes swapping!

There are numerous ways in which to give a second chance to your clothes like recycling, upcycling, and reselling. But there is still a significant amount of clothing that ends up in landfills every year. Clothes swapping could not eliminate this problem but could mitigate it.

What is clothes swapping?

Simply said – it is a barter – something that existed for ages. So, imagine having something valued you don’t need anymore. For instance, a skirt from last season. It turns out, however, that your friend is in love with this same skirt and is willing to give you a dress she bought last summer which you really liked but there weren’t any more pieces your size. You have a match and you swap your skirt for the dress of your friend.


Benefits of clothes swapping

Of course, clothes swapping, besides being good for the environment, also has a social element. You gather with friends and family, have some fun and exchange clothes. These events could even turn into parties or town meetups that happen regularly. 

Clothes swapping can also save you money which you can use for something else or donate. You get some additions to your wardrobe but give up the ones you don’t want any longer for basically no money.

Where could you swap clothes?

You could organise your own swapping events with friends, colleagues and family. You could also check for such initiatives in the area you live in. If you are more into online shopping, you can try out platforms like Nuw, Rehash, This for That and others.

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