Spray It If You Can: Coperni’s Sprayable Dress

October 8, 2022

coperni sprayable dress
Original photo: Coperni

SS23 Paris Fashion Week, which took place in the capital of fashion between September 28 and October 6, was definitely full of unconventional visions and performances. Among the most mind-blowing ones was Coperni’s sprayable dress.

Established in 2013, Coperni is is a Paris-based ready-to-wear and accessories brand designed by Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant.

The label’s latest fashion show took place in Salle des Textiles at Paris’s Musée des Arts et Métiers on September 30 and right before its closing, model Bella Hadid entered wearing nothing but nude-colored underwear. The fashion house partnered with Fabrican and used its revolutionary sprayable liquid fibre to literally dress up Hadid on stage.

The spraying process took about 15 minutes. After that, a member of Coperni’s team altered the white dress by shortening its length, adding a slit and draping the straps off the model’s shoulders.

“We’re not going to make money on this but it’s more of a celebration of innovation and having strong moments in fashion because we’re passionate about pushing fashion forward,” said Coperni’s CEO and co-founder, Arnaud Vaillant.

The material used was developed by Fabrican, the spray-on fabric technology company founded in 2003 by Spanish scientist and fashion designer Manel Torres. The fabric is a liquid consisting of both natural and synthetic fibres like wool, cotton, nylon and cellulose. After sprayed on a person’s body, the liquid evaporates and forms a non-woven fabric. The newly created suede-like material is strong enough to be reworn and washed. It can be used to create, customise but also repair clothes.

Fabrican’s technology can help reduce raw materials consumption, energy demand, and waste. Additionally, since the chemistry behind the spray-on fabric originates from a liquid suspension, at the end of their useful life, sprayed fibers can be redissolved and sprayed again.

However, Torres’ vision for Fabrican extends beyond fashion. For instance, the material can be used in medicine for wound dressing and instant bandages. According to him, the company can easily switch up the formulation of the mix to produce even medical casts or foam seats for cars.

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