Soap Bars: Gentle to the Skin and to the Planet

December 7, 2022

Photo: Meruyert Gonullu via Pexels

You know the feeling of a solid soap touching your skin. The strong aroma and the gentleness, plus the softness it leaves when the skin dries. You get me!

As a kid, I liked to collect beautiful soap bars in different forms – cars, flowers, fruits… everything. It was more like a game back then. Growing up, handmade solid soaps turned into an indulgence – something I used to create a premium experience for my skin. But nowadays, I can clearly see and share with you all the advantages of cold saponification – both for the body and the planet.

soap bar

THAT SOAP The Rudolph Bar

KEAR Natural Soap with Detoxifying & Rejuvenating Properties

Here they are, five reasons to switch to solid soaps for good:

Cold-processed soaps are better for your skin

Since the creation of solid soaps does not involve heating the ingredients, the vegetable oils and butters conserve their beneficial and softening properties. At the same time, bar soaps usually contain fewer and more natural ingredients as compared to their liquid alternatives. This makes them perfect for sensitive skin.

The creation of soap bars requires less resources

As the name points out, cold saponification does not require heating which means that very little energy is used in the process. At the same time, this technique needs much less water as compared to the one used to create liquid soaps. Since lye, the strong base material used for bar soaps, is entirely transformed, also less waste is formed during the process itself.

QUIET BLUE Pebble & Clay

soap bars

MYRTLE & SOAP Soap Assortment Gift Box

Solid soaps reduce plastics waste

If you look around, plastic is everywhere. It is partially recycled but we are still very far from meeting our targets globally. Therefore, switching to solid soaps and shampoos is a great way to minimise the plastic waste you create. Usually, these soaps are wrapped in recyclable or biodegradable packages. In some cases, retailers offer them unpackaged and you can even buy them in bulk.

soap bars

BLANKA Artisan soap gift box

KISS THE MOON Handmade soap with Lavender & Bergamot

Soap bars can save you money

You will be surprised how long solid soaps can last as compared to conventional cosmetic products that are full with water and require excess use to prove effective. On the other hand, soap bars can perfectly clean your hair with just one wash.

SOYPA Hengifoss soap

SOAPART Shampoo Bar – Vanilla

They are also a great DIY project

Cold process soap making is definitely something that you can do on your own. Just make sure that you stick to the recipe’s correct measurements and wear protective gear since lye is a corrosive product. The best part is that the creativity is entirely up to you. You can play with the oils and the natural dyes to achieve the desired benefits, fragrance and appearance.

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