Positive Luxury and the Butterfly Mark

April 19, 2023


Have you seen the Butterfly Mark?

If not, let’s start with something simpler: Do you buy luxury goods? And the more important question: are you interested in their origin and the people who made them?

Honestly, I do not really buy lots of luxury stuff. I have mainly shoes and bags that I call investments – accessories that I think are timeless in style and made from materials that I expect to outlive me. And yet, I have always had a passion for digging things up, so I try to investigate the brands I buy from as much as possible.

This is, actually, how I found Positive Luxury. I was checking out a dress by Cecilie Bahnsen and I saw that the brand has a Butterfly Mark. At that time I had no idea what is the meaning of this sign, so here is what I found.

The Butterfly Mark
The Butterfly Mark awarded to luxury brands that are committed to social and environmental responsibility, Source: Positive Luxury’s Media Center

First, what is Positive Luxury?

Positive Luxury is a UK-based private company founded in 2011 by Karen Hanton, the creator of Open Table, and Diana Verde Nieto, a sustainability expert named Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. The company aims to facilitate the connection between the luxury lifestyle brands that are committed to sustainability and the consumers who value luxurious items but also environmental and social responsibility. Its partners come from various fields such as fashion, jewellery, watches, accessories, automotive, premium beverages, and travel.

The Butterfly Mark

However, what makes Positive Luxury even more unique is that it awards brands with something called a Butterfly Mark. This is a certification mark presented to luxury fashion brands that meet certain sustainability criteria and demonstrate a commitment to social and environmental practices.

To earn the Butterfly Mark, a brand undergoes a rigorous assessment process. It evaluates its practices in the areas of governance, social and environmental frameworks, community impact, and innovation. Positive Luxury considers factors such as the brand’s supply chain, use of eco-friendly materials, labor practices, and giving back to society.

Brands that receive the Butterfly Mark are able to display it on their products and marketing materials as a symbol of their commitment to sustainability. The mark is intended to provide consumers with a clear and reliable way to identify brands that are taking meaningful steps towards a more sustainable future.

Some examples of luxury fashion brands that have been awarded the Butterfly Mark include Dior Couture, Tom Ford Beauty, Cecilie Bahnsen, Daniella Draper.

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