A Note on Transparency

September 20, 2022


Brands’ transparency prompts consumers’ transformation.

Do you agree?

We, at Konsha, aim to promote transparency and traceability. All the brands and designers that join us on our mission are asked to provide details about their environmental and social responsibility practices. It is our job to later publish them on Konsha’s website. We believe that this is the only way to move forward towards a better future, in which people know the story and the people behind the products they buy.

We, and I mean Konsha’s team, are consumers, too. And we do not really trust labels that just say a certain product is “eco-friendly”, “eco-aware”, or “sustainable”. At least not anymore.


Because everyone could give labels to people and things. One, for instance, may say that a T-shirt made of 100% organic cotton is sustainable. But is the material the only aspect of sustainability?

Of course not.

Probably, sustainability can have hundreds of definitions. Therefore, we are not here to give labels and to call a product less or more sustainable. We are here to help brands communicate their efforts in regards to environmental and social responsibility.


Because we strongly believe in the heading of this story: Brands’ transparency prompts consumers’ transformation.


Konsha’s Team

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