Mara Hoffman: 3 Dresses to Fall in Love with

March 13, 2023

Mara Hoffman
Photos: Courtesy of Mara Hoffman’s website

As a person interested in art, fashion and design, I think my eyes are well trained to recognize uniqueness. I don’t brag, just sharing my reason to choose Mara Hoffman’s latest collection for this post.

Why is Mara Hoffman #konshas?

The brand has recently been on my radar because of its efforts towards environmental and social responsibility. The label obtained its Climate Neutral certification almost a year ago. If you go through each piece, you will notice that Mara Hoffman prioritises on natural, organic and recycled fabrics. The brand is also transparent about the production partners it works with. The majority of them are in the USA and Peru. You can get enough details about the clothes you buy from their website, which I also respect.

Why I #love Mara Hoffman’s designs?

You know this feeling of freedom when you are about to take on an adventure? This is what Mara Hoffman’s designs provoke in me. On the one hand, they make me think about the beauty of life and things I can experience while wearing them. On the other, they are simply like pieces of art. And honestly speaking I find them a better invetment than NFTs… even the ones with the monkeys that everyone was talking about.

So without further ado, here are my top three dresses from Mara Hoffman’s latest collection. Tell me… how not to love them?

Mara Hoffman
Ramona Dress, €1,150
Mara Hoffman
Luisa Dress, €1,400
Mara Hoffman
Alora Dress, €540

Why those three?

My number one is Luisa. I know, I know. I talk about colors and I choose the one in black and white. But look at the details! It is like a monochrome canvas. After all, life is in color but your dress can be black and white.

Alora, on the other hand, reminds me, for some reason, of Tony Cragg’s “Spectrum” – a composition everyday objects that blend into a modernist colour field. It can be seen at Städel Museum in Frankfurt. I love the combination of colours – romantic, yet bold.

f Tony Cragg’s “Spectrum”, Photo: personal archive

Last but not least, Ramona. I was trying to think of a famous song with this name… but I can’t. I adore the way in which the colours are contrasted in this dress. I was actually thinking that wearing it will be like wearing my five different personalities (I am woman, you know what I mean).

What are you favorite ones from Mara Hoffman’s latest collection?

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