Can You Wear Your Favorite Wine… Leather?

December 13, 2022

wine leathre
Photo: Elina Sazonova via Pexels

Bringing your favourite wine in your handbag everywhere you go may be weird and even a problem. However, this Italian company is breaking boundaries.

The Milan-headquartered Vegea developed a revolutionary wine leather that is innovative, durable, and high-quality. Now you can wear this Merlot you love so much. Actually, the by-products from it.

Let us tell you more.

Those familiar with the production of wine know that this process creates waste from the grape skin and seeds. In fact, Vegea’s cruelty-free grape leather was born out of a desire to reclaim and repurpose these by-products from the Italian wine industry.

The solid winemaking residues are crushed to fine powder, which is then mixed with a base that consists of grape oil and a water-based polyurethane (PUD). This is what solidifies the final product and makes it waterproof. Then, the eco-composite is colored with natural dyes and left to dry. 

Vegea repurposes the wine waste and turns winemaking into a more circular process. Additionally, the creation of grape leather consumes hardly any water, which results in quite an eco-friendly material.

wine leather

Grape leather bag by LERISA PARIS

Vegea was founded in Milan in 2016, “with the aim to promote the integration between chemistry and agriculture through the development of new eco-sustainable products.” Since its establishment, the company won the PETA Innovation Award in 2017, the Global Change Award in 2018 as well as the Italian final of the startup contest Chivas Venture in 2019.

Today, its wine leather is used in a number of industries – fashion, furniture, packaging, automotive and transportation. Also, Vegea partners with leading companies like Pangaia, Diadora, Tommy Halfinger, & Other Stories and Bentley.

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