The Ethical Knitwear Brand Lily Collins from ‘Emily in Paris’ Enjoys

December 12, 2022

Emily in paris
Photo: @lilyjcollins via Instagram

The new season of ‘Emily in Paris’ is starting on Netflix on December 21. For sure, you expect some wild outfits, love triangles and crazy parties… and probably no sweaters.

However, contrary to her character, Lily Collins, who plays Emily on the show, seems to be a fan of cozy and conscious clothing. The talented actress posted a photo of herself from Copenhagen, dressed in a turtleneck sweater that looked like the warmest thing to own this season. Wondering which is the brand?

We have the answer: O.A.D. – Norway’s new luxury knitwear brand that introduced its inaugural collection in October 2022.

The heavy turtleneck knit (Ole No. 1) features an irregular pattern with several colors to create depth. It is made of fine merino wool, kid mohair, silk and organic wool.

What do we know about O.A.D. and why do we love it?

The Beginning

O.A.D. is a heritage brand with its history going back to the 1850s, when Ole Andreas Devold set out to create knitwear suitable for both land and sea. This is when Devold of Norway, one of today’s leading merino outdoor brands, was born.

As one can imagine, with 170 years of expertise, Devold has developed a wide selection of knitwear and patterns. O.A.D. relies on its parent company’s craftsmanship and legacy but aims to reimagine heritage patterns and to create timeless pieces inspired by the vintage Norwegian knits.

The Conscious Approach

The brand takes a conscious approach to production and uses high quality natural materials like Norwegian wool, Alpaca yarn, mohair, organic wool, cashmere and Merino wool.

The Norwegian wool is harvested from sheep in their natural habitat across the Norwegian countryside. The Alpaca yarn – one of the world’s most noble fibres – comes from selected Peruvian suppliers renowned for their environmental and social practices. The mohair originates from South Africa, where farmers follow strict protocols to ensure that the animals are treated ethically.

Additionally, the wool that O.A.D. uses is mulesing-free while the dyes meet REACH regulations.

The brand’s production happens in two family-run factories in Italy – Divina Mode and Point Tricot, both of which are committed to sustainable practices.

Shop O.A.D.

emily in paris O.A.D.

O.A.D. Ole No. 1 Sweater, 820


O.A.D. Nord Sweater, 500

emily in paris O.A.D.

O.A.D. Saga Sweater, 660


O.A.D. Storm Sweater, 400

emily in paris O.A.D.

O.A.D. Beanie, 150

lily collins O.A.D.

O.A.D. Mittens, 150

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