Why Support Small Businesses?

November 2, 2022

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Photo: RF Studio via Pexels

“Hey you!”

“My name is John and I am a small business owner. I have a coffee shop in the outskirts of London.”

“My name is Géraldine and I am a small business owner. I created a small jewellery store in Lyon in 2007.”

“My name is José and I am a small business owner. I launched my sewing atelier in Mexico city two years ago.”

There are numerous reasons to visit John’s coffee shop and to buy jewellery and clothes from Géraldine and José. From supporting their local communities through preserving traditions and crafts to simply giving them some love. Here are just a few of the perks of choosing to buy from businesses that do not have a huge amount of external funding and thousands of employees and partners:

#1. They support communities

Unlike some big corporations, small businesses do not try to avoid taxes. They pay their dues, which then go back into the hands of the community. Therefore, every time you support a small or a local business, you are actually investing in a better tomorrow.

#2. They preserve traditions

Small and independent businesses often honor heritage and crafts. Some of them have been owned for ages, with traditions being kept within families and communities. After all, artisanal work is something that needs to be cherished and preserved as it is priceless.

#3. They appreciate uniqueness

Small brands bring true creativity to life. Sometimes every product is unique due to being handcrafted. Who doesn’t want something that is one of a kind?

Photo: Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

#4. They feel like home

Small stores and cafes, for instance, feel like home. They smell like cinnamon and hot chocolate. They are cozy. Everyone smiles. There are no crowds, no cacophony. Just people enjoying the moment and the beauty of life.

#5. They are real

Behind Small and ethical businesses stand real people. They do not use algorithms or huge marketing strategies. They do what they love, driven by a dream or a need, not by huge profits and bank accounts. You’re supporting their passions, their energy and their love.

#6. They appreciate your support

Every time you shop from a small business, you recognise and appreciate the tremendous work and challenges behind it. Some founders are young and inexperienced – just like us, so imagine their happiness when they get a new order.

#7. They care about you

Small businesses care about you – the customer. Their products may be more expensive but this is because of their high quality and thoughtfulness. This is what big chains will never offer.

#8. They care for the environment

Last but not least, supporting small and conscious businesses is good for your community but also for the environment. You reduce transportation which means a smaller carbon footprint. At the same time, buying better quality products means you will need to buy less, so less waste.

What is the easiest way to support small and independent brands and designers like John, Géraldine and José?

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