Five Sustainable Restaurants in Denmark

August 13, 2022

sustainable restaurants in Denmark

Food is often the ingredient that brings us together. But can it bring us together in a more mindful and responsible way? These five sustainable restaurants in Denmark prove that yes, it can:


BÆST is the place where sustainability and the highest quality produce means everything,” says the restaurant’s website. It is an Italian restaurant in Nørrebro – one of Copenhagen’s ten districts. The place prides itself for using seasonal and local produce only. Expect daily produced cheese and charcuterie with organic and sustainable ingredients. What a pizza this would be!

Additionally, the restaurant is certified 60-90% organic. This means that a huge part of the ingredients they work with are produced organically.


AMASS is a fine dining restaurant on Refshæløen in Copenhagen. But sustainability is more than just a buzzword for this MICHELIN Green Star place. From its organically sourced ingredients through its industrial-feel design to its waste management practices – everything has been done taking environmental and social responsibility in mind.

We’re on an unfamiliar journey where flavour still rules but we operate in a more responsible way; laying a better path for our industry’s future. It takes time and effort but it has become so ingrained in us that we now can’t imagine any other way,” commented Matt Orlando, AMASS’s Chef.


If you are a true food lover, you may know about this place as it is run by Kamilla Seidler – ‘World’s Best Female Head Chef – Latin America’ in 2016. Copenhagen’s LOLA focuses significantly on social responsibility. Among the main missions of Seidler, who is also an advocate of equality and sustainability, is to support people who are struggling to get back into the workforce. Of course, if you are there for the food, be sure that all the ingredients are locally produced.


MOLSKROEN is yet another MICHELIN Green Star restaurant in Denmark. This time, however, not Copenhagen but in Aarhus – a city on the Jutland peninsula’s east coast. MOLSKROEN is known for its commitment to local products. For instance, its menu include local Limfjord oysters fresh from the sea as well as asparagus picked daily in local farms. The restaurant also manages its waste and turns leftovers into animal feed.

“A collaboration with a local organic farmer enables me to place my identity on the cooking. Working in a sustainable way means happy guests and our all-encompassing sustainability programme also ensures the well-being of the team,” commented Steffen Villadsen, MOLSKROEN’s Chef.


MOMENT is a restaurant in Ronde – a town close to Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city. The place is renowned for its sustainable practices that begin with its interior design. MOMENT’s building was built from straw bales. Additionally, the interior design elements come from local Danish artisans.

The restaurant is vegetable based. Its menu is based on its own garden, wild nature, and small local farmers. Wines are also natural. They are produced with organic or biodynamically grown grapes and fermented spontaneously with zero or a minimum of sulfites.

Bon Appétit!

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