Make Your Ski Vacation More Sustainable

January 4, 2022

The snow season is here. The ski slopes are open and the most avid skiers and snowboarders are already there. How, however, to protect the natural environment while enjoying the hills around the world? Here are some simple tips to start with:

Choose winter sports brands that are sustainable

There are numerous brands out there that are offering more sustainable options in terms of both clothing and equipment. Do your research and pay special attention on the materials used by the brands as well as on the environmental, social and economic causes they support.

Here are some brands we could recommend based on personal use: Patagonia, Ortovox, Picture Organic Clothing, Open Wear, Lokomotiv Skis, Nzero, Niche Snowboards.

Prolong the life of your clothing and gear

We completely understand that skiing or snowboarding may be your favorite sport and you want to treat yourself and get something new this season – new pair of ski shoes, new goggles or just anything. That is not bad, of course but do not forget to also try to maximise the life of your equipment and clothing. Winter sport equipment is quite an investment and even if you think your gear has come to the end of its life, try to repair it first! This will save you money but would also save the landfills from unnecessary trash.

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Give a second chance to your clothing and gear

Do not forget this rule: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!” Even if you think that your equipment or clothes are not good enough for you anymore, give them to someone who could still take advantage of them. 

Rethink your travelling options

Sometimes you must travel for a long time to reach the ski hills, which may not be so good for the environment. You could always opt for a winter resort that is close to your home or choose a more eco-friendly travelling option. For example, there is a weekly Eurostar ski train from London to the French Alps, making it easy to reach some of the world’s best resorts like Tignes, La Plagne, Les Arcs, Val d’isere, Les Menuires and Meribel. In case these two are not a possible option for you, you could try to offset your travel. For instance, carbon-offset schemes allow both companies and individuals to invest in environmental projects all around the globe in order to balance out their own carbon footprints.

Choose eco-friendly resorts and places to stay

Numerous resorts and hotels are already transitioning towards more sustainable business models. There are many resorts using renewable sources of energy and offering more energy-efficient accommodations. For instance, the Eiger Hotel in Switzerland is making significant efforts in this direction. Located in Muerren, a car-free alpine village, it runs on 70% clean and renewable energy. Additionally, it relies on a free mountain water source and invests in energy efficiency. Another example is Trentino, Pejo 3000, located in Val di Sole in Italy. The resort became the first plastic free ski area in the world by banning all plastic products from its slopes.

Bring your reusables

Try bringing your reusable bottles, cups and even cutlery to the slopes to reduce plastic waste. 

Ready for your next adventure? We are!

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