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Vegan Yet Chic: 12 Bags We Love

Can your handbag be chic yet good to the environment? The answer is yes. More and more sustainable alternatives to leather are finding their way in the fashion industry. Handbags are being carefully crafted from plant-based leathers derived from cactus, apples, pineapple, apples, corn, and even mushrooms. So here are some of our favorite innovative and “do good” pieces to help you add a final touch to your outfit.
Photo: Mathilde Langevin via Pexels

This chic bag is handcrafted from cactus leather in Tunisia. Available on Konsha.

The playful bag is made from Alter-nappa and is designed to be held or slung over the shoulder.

The bag is made-to-order from cactus fibers and recycled water bottle organic cotton blend eco twill.

The bag is crafted from vegan and recycled materials and each purchase supports the planting of a tree.

This timeless yet futuristic design is made from smooth recycled vegan leather.

This minimalist ’90s vibe handbag is created with soft vegan leather made from recycled plastic bottles.

The bag features Alter Mat vegan alternative to animal leather, GOTS-certified cotton lacing and Stella McCartney’s signature chain links.

The trendy handbag features PETA-certified vegan materials.

This versatile bag can be worn in four ways and is made from 100% traceable vegan leather.

This Mom & Me combo features PETA-approved vegan leather.

The bag is handmade in New York from 100% ​vegan and animal friendly materials.

This two-tone vegan tote is ethically crafted from pineapple leather and upcycled recycled materials in Los Angeles.

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