Delivery & Returns


1. Confirmation & Delivery Date

Once your Order is approved, we will send you a Confirmation Email containing your Order number and estimated delivery date. Please make sure your shipping address is correct since it is impossible for us to redirect Product(s) once they are sent to you. Keep in mind that in case you have ordered Product(s) from different Vendors, most probably they will not arrive simultaneously but in multiple deliveries and at different times as each Vendor takes care of its own deliveries and Product(s) are not sent to Konsha prior to being sent to the Customer(s) in order to lower the negative effect of shipping on the environment. The Confirmation Email will contain detailed information about each Product. 

Also, the Confirmation Email contains estimated dates of delivery, which are not guaranteed by us. This holds true for any delivery option, including “Same Day Delivery”. Delivery times may vary depending on the availability of the products you ordered and your shipping address. 

In certain circumstances, deliveries may be delayed due to events beyond our reasonable control. In such cases, we will do our best to arrange for your products to be delivered as soon as possible, but we will not be liable to you for any losses caused as a result of such delay.

2. Where We Ship

Currently, we ship Products only to the European Union, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. However, in rare cases, Vendors may not ship to your delivery destination. Our system is designed to inform Customers of such events prior to placing their Orders. In case we fail to inform you prior to paying for the Products, we will return you the respective amount of money as soon as possible. As we plan to grow the list of countries to which we ship Products, we will keep our Customer(s) informed of any changes we make in terms of that.

3. Cost of Delivery

Vendor(s) define the shipping fees and delivery times themselves and as a result, the shipping fees and delivery times could vary. More information about the shipping fees and delivery times could be found from the tab Delivery on each Product Page. If you have any questions about the delivery, please contact Konsha at Please note that in some cases the Product(s) must be cleared through customs. The Customer(s) are responsible for the costs of the customs clearance.    

4. Import Duties and Taxes

In case you purchase Products for delivery to an international destination, your Order may be subject to import duties and taxes which are applied when the package reaches that destination. In the description of each of the Products listed on our website, you can find information about the country they ship from. We provide such details to help our Customers determine whether any import duties and taxes will apply for them. Unfortunately,  we are not always able to advise on the exact amount, and we recommend you contact your local customs office/tax authority before placing an order. Customers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the country for which the ordered Products are destined. We will not be liable or responsible if you breach any such laws.

Returns & Exchanges

1. Return Policy

Though we really hope that you would like all the Products you order from Konsha, it is within your right as a Customer to return a product. Products are returned directly to the respective Vendor(s) from which they have been ordered. 

Consumer(s) have the right to cancel a purchase made through the Website within fourteen (14) days from receipt of the Product(s). Should the Customer(s) exercise their cancellation right, they shall inform Konsha by filling out our Return Form or by sending an email to Konsha is responsible for notifying the respective Vendor. Please note that the Vendor’s return address is available in the Confirmation Email you received after ordering the Product(s) as well as in the delivery receipt. The Customer(s) must return the Product(s) to the Vendor no later than fourteen (14) days after the Customer notified Konsha of its intention to return the Product(s). The Customer(s) shall ensure the returned item(s) comply with the conditions of our Return Policy. Konsha shall refund the Price of the returned Product(s) to the Customer no later than fourteen (14) days after the Vendor has notified Konsha of the receipt of the returned Product(s). 

The Customer is responsible for the product return’s shipping fees, except when the reason for the return is reclamation in which case the Vendor is required to cover the shipping fees in relation to the return. Reclamations include defective design, material, and/or workmanship or lack of compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Also, please be informed that the Product(s) must be returned unused and in the best shape possible. Our partnering Vendor(s) may reject to accept the return of your Product(s) if they are not sent back to them unused and in the best shape possible. Our team will do our best to facilitate the return process in a way that satisfies both sides.

As Konsha’s main goal is to promote sustainability, we discourage the return of Products. Please, consider the long-term effect of your actions on the environment and purchase only Products that you will cherish, use and wear.

Please note that in certain cases the Vendor may reject your return of a Product and Fortune Tech LLC (or any of its group companies) may, at its sole discretion, choose to purchase the Product from you. You agree that the legal title to such a Product will automatically pass to Fortune Tech LLC. (or its relevant group company) upon the Company (or its relevant group company) choosing to purchase such a Product from you.

Please note that some Vendors do not follow Konsha’s default Returns Policy. Please advise yourself on the type of policy the Vendor uses prior to ordering. You can do so by checking the tab “Returns & Exchanges” that every single product page contains. Please contact us if you cannot find the necessary information.

2. Exchanges

Some of our partnering Vendors may accept exchanges. Please contact us at and we will help you out with the exchange process. Please note that exchanges are done following the exchange policies of the respective Vendor(s). In case the respective Vendor(s) do not offer exchanges, we encourage you to take advantage of our Return Policy and then go back to and order the Product(s) you wish.